Mindium meditation - Calm your mind

The first moments after waking are crucial, because they can set the tone for your entire day. Our morning meditations are designed to help you to get the very best out of the day ahead. They will put you in the right frame of mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and positive about the day ahead.

This special meditation will help you to create a sense of calm at a very deep level, which you can draw on whenever you need it. As you’ll hear in the audio “there may be times during the day when you need that sense of calm, when the events and sensations of the world seem to crowd out your awareness. But you know, it’s only ever a case of expanding your awareness, and seeing things from a new perspective.”

Mindium morning meditations are designed to give you a motivating and inspiring start to the day. Every meditation is recorded and mastered to the highest professional standards. Our Kaleidoscope audio engine will give you a different meditation every morning, ensuring an excellent and effective listening experience.

“Calm your mind” meditation excerpt

Thoughts may come, and thoughts may go, drifting through your mind like dandelion seeds in the breeze, and that’s OK, that’s what’s supposed to happen. And as you become more comfortable in this moment, and more relaxed in your ability to focus on what is happening right now, so you can become more comfortable with just watching the drift of your own thoughts. Just letting that happen now, and accepting your thoughts as part of this moment. And as you do that, you might already be starting to get a sense that the drift of your own thoughts is starting to slow down, just a little bit. Just slowing down, and becoming a little more peaceful, even as you watch the drift of those thoughts, from a place of stillness and peace and perfect awareness. Just getting a sense of that now, as it happens, in this moment. That’s good.

Settling into the moment, more and more, as your awareness expands to include what is happening around you, and what is happening inside your own mind. The thoughts that go by. And perhaps, before now, you might have been caught up in those thoughts, following them as they go by. But for now, you can try the interesting experiment of just bringing your focus and attention back to the present moment, every time you feel that you’re becoming caught up in your own thoughts. Perhaps you might choose to focus on something that is happening around you, or the rhythm of your own breathing, or even just saying to yourself “these are the thoughts that are passing through my mind, in this moment”. And as you do that, so you may find that you’re increasingly in tune with that part of your mind that lies beyond thought, in a place of perfect stillness and awareness. Bringing your attention back to this moment, now.

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