Mindium meditation - Heal a broken heart

If you’re suffering from a broken heart, for whatever reason, then you will know it is like suffering a bereavement. This special Mindfulness Meditation can help you to find your way through the grief and pain towards peace and healing.

Mindfulness, the practice of deliberately paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental way, has been shown to have many benefits for your emotional and mental wellbeing. As you listen to this meditation, you will be guided into a state of relaxed and focused awareness, which can help you to accept your emotions and build hope for the future.

“Heal a broken heart” meditation excerpt

So as you continue to focus on your breathing, and as you listen to these words, you’re already tuning into the present moment. And whatever you’re feeling is part of this present moment, too. Can you just sit with those feelings, in this moment, now, without trying to change them? Just allowing them to be [PAUSE]. It’s OK. Because, you know, when your heart has been broken, it’s OK to have these feelings. It’s normal. But you know, it’s also OK to know that this too will pass. That even as you listen to these words, your heart and mind and feelings are already working towards healing you, bringing you back to a state of peace and acceptance. It’s OK to know that, and it’s OK to accept those feelings now, as part of this moment. Just sitting with those feelings now. Knowing that this too will pass.

Narrowing everything down to this point of time, this now, the only moment we ever truly own - and if you can own your experience and your feelings in this moment, you’re already well on the way to healing that broken heart and feeling whole and at peace again. That’s good. Just sitting here, now, in this moment. For you know, that everything is working to heal your heart and bring you back to peace and a sense of wholeness once again - this is how it’s meant to be, and this is how it will be. A little bit more, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. Everything working to heal that broken heart, now. Getting a sense of watching that happen as you listen to these words. That’s good. Doing good work here today. Working your way back to healing and wholeness, moment by moment.

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