Mindium meditation - Confidence

If you feel that you need more confidence, but don’t know how to go about it, then this meditation is for you. Confidence can seem quite elusive, because it means different things to different people at different times. However, as you’ll learn in this meditation, confidence isn’t a fixed quality, it’s a skill - and like all skills, it’s something that you can learn and get better at with practice. This meditation uses mindfulness techniques to guide you into a state of focused attention, helping you to develop your ability to relax in the present moment - a vital part of becoming more confident. Regular listening can help you to boost your confidence whenever you need to!

“Confidence” meditation excerpt

That’s it, just turning your attention to what’s going on now, your experience in this moment, at this time. And that’s all you ever really have to deal with, just feeling confident in this moment in time, right now. And I wonder if you knew, or only suspected, that you’ve already learned a very important confidence skill. Because in many ways, being confident is nothing more, and nothing less, than the ability to feel relaxed in the present moment. So the more you practice that, the more confident you will become. Just relaxing in the present moment, right now. That’s good. Relaxing in the present moment, being fully engaged in what’s going on, accepting what is happening and the way you are feeling about it, letting the past and the future take care of themselves. Can you get a sense of a time when this has already happened for you, even if it’s just for a moment - because a moment is all you ever need. A time or a situation where you’ve felt relaxed in the present moment and fully engaged in what’s going on. That’s good. And what would it be like if you could take that same feeling into other times and situations, where more confidence would help you? Getting a sense of what it would be like to just relax into the moment at those times, too.

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