Mindium meditation - Freedom from anxiety

Mindfulness has been shown to have many benefits for mental, emotional and physical health. In this short meditation, you will use simple but effective mindfulness techniques to stop anxiety in its tracks, helping you to quickly return to a wonderful state of calm. Regular practice can help you to take back control, giving you true freedom from anxiety and more confidence in your ability to deal with it if it comes back in the future.

“Freedom from anxiety” meditation excerpt

Now is the time and it’s at times like these you can turn your attention to your hands. Have you ever thought about all the ways those hands look after you, every single day, helping you to experience and shape your world? And they can help you right now. Just noticing the way they feel, the position of them, the tips of the fingers, whether they feel a little warmer, or a little cooler, or even a slight tingling sensation as you focus on them. Maybe you’ll notice that one hand feels a little different to the other. Whether it’s the right, or the left, it’s all all right, isn’t it?.

You know that when all of this is going on it’s because a different, older part of your mind has taken control, the part that would have been very useful to your distant ancestors in their primitive world of physical survival, but that isn’t much help to you now in this moment of time. So the way to take back control is to put the more sophisticated parts of your mind back in charge, and you can do this very easily. Is there a song that you love? Or a poem? Or even a nursery rhyme. Just think of that now, and recite it to yourself. Right from the beginning, right to the end. Just recite those words or sing those lyrics to yourself, and they will lead you through all of this and help you to feel much calmer.

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