Mindium meditation - Overcome substance abuse

If you struggle with substance abuse, then this Mindfulness Meditation can help you take back control. Substance abuse is often described as an inappropriate coping mechanism, an attempt at a solution to emotional or other difficulties that has become a problem in itself. This meditation uses the mindfulness approach of purposeful and non-judgmental focus on the present moment to help you eliminate the emotional triggers behind substance abusing behaviour. It is also designed to guide you into a state of relaxed attention, in which you can develop the positive coping strategies that will allow you to overcome substance abuse for good.

“Overcome substance abuse” meditation excerpt

Welcome to Overcome Substance Abuse, a Mindfulness Meditation that will help you to take back control and change that out-of-date, substance abusing behaviour. As you listen to this meditation, you will find yourself becoming pleasantly relaxed as your attention is guided towards the present moment. You can start to become aware of feelings, sensations, thoughts and emotions, accepting them as they arise and letting them go without becoming too caught up in them. As you become more practiced at this, you can reset the emotional triggers that cause the substance abusing behaviour in the first place, helping you to choose to live more healthily and to deal with challenges more creatively. So relax, and begin to focus your attention on what is happening right now, around you and within you.

That’s it, letting your attention settle on this present moment, listening to these words and settling deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of relaxed but focused attention. And this is a vital skill, is it not? Because when you feel relaxed, and attentive, you can begin to see things more clearly, including that old, out-of-date, substance abusing behaviour that you’re already moving past today. You know, time moves on, and people change, and things that you used to do simply don’t fit in with who you are any more. And that’s fine, that’s natural. When you were a child, you might have had a favourite toy, or a favourite T-shirt, or even a favourite food, that seemed to be so very important. Like it was a part of you. And maybe, as a child, you could never imagine ever being without that favourite toy, or T-shirt, or food. But time moves on. You grow up, and those things no longer fit or fit in with who you are, so you let them go, quite easily and naturally. Seeing that now, more clearly than ever before.

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