Frequently asked questions

Are the sounds in mindium available in other applications?

Yes, a few of the sounds featured in mindium are also used in the SleepStream application.

When I try to access mindium, I am redirected to a "Browser not supported" page

Mindium requires a modern web browser, such as:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Microsoft Edge

Please try updating your current browser by following one of the links above. Mindium has experimental support for iOS version 9 and up and the newest versions of Android. We will release dedicated apps for iOS and Android in the future, so please join our newsletter or follow us on facebook to be the first to know!

Can I please have a mindium T-shirt?

We have not made any yet, but please join our mindium newsletter or follow us on facebook, and we’ll start sending them out to a few lucky fans once we start pressing our shirts. is missing a sound. Please add it!

If you are missing your favorite sound, music genre, background or meditation, please let us know. As a kid, our friend Peter was lulled to sleep by the distant fog horns of San Fransisco, and he has missed this soundscape ever since he moved to Europe. He told us, and so we made the popular “Peter’s Lullaby” mindium mix. Peter’s lullaby

I have written a meditation script or a piece of music that would be great for mindium!

Please contact us and tell us a little bit about the material, and we’ll be happy to consider including it in the mindium library.

I have a mindium account, but I forgot my password.

If you have a regular mindium account (and you are not connecting through facebook) and have forgot your password, you can reset your password by visiting the mindium login page. Please enter the email address you used when you registered in the “Email field” and a “I forgot my password” option will display on the right hand side of the screen. Click or tap this, and password reset instructions will be sent to your email.

Why are some sounds labeled "headphones recommended"?

Some sounds, such as the binaural beats, are meant to be listened to through headphones. If you are curious on the theory behind binaural beats, please read more here. A few mindium sounds are also very rich in low-frequency energy, making them very quiet on standard computer speakers. These sounds will best be enjoyed by listening through headphones or quality speakers.

How can I pay for mindium premium?

Mindium premium registration is straightforward:

  • Go to: and select your preferred plan.
  • Choose how you want to log into your mindium account. If you are a facebook user, you can create an account and log in with a single click. If you are not, you can easily create a normal account by filling out a simple registration form.
  • Enter your credit card information. We accept all major credit cards - all securely transmitted and encrypted by our payment processor Stripe.

How can I support mindium?

We would greatly appreciate sign-ups for our premium plans as this will contribute to producing new music, sounds and meditations, as well as speeding up the process of producing our iOS and Android mindium apps. Making and maintaining a prime mind platform does not come cheaply, so we’re genuinely thrilled every time we win a new premium member. If you like mindium but are not in a position to pay, please consider sharing a mix on facebook, twitter or embed one on your website - that way, more people can get to know us.

How many sound combinations are possible with mindium?

We have done the math! Currently, we have 110 sounds in the mindium library, and you can combine up to five sounds at once.

We can derive the following mathematical formula to calculate the number of possible combinations (N):

Possible mix combinations

where S is the number of available sounds. This can also be expressed in the following way:

(110 * 109 * 108 * 107 * 106) + (110 * 109 * 108 * 107) + (110 * 109 * 108) + (110 * 109) + 110

The total comes in at 148 268 461 00 or fourteen billion, eight hundred and twenty-six million, eight hundred and forty-six thousand, one hundred possible combinations.

That’s a lot of combinations, and taking into account the kaleidoscope audio engine and unique settings for each sound, the possible combinations are even larger.

I have found a bug in mindium!

If you have found a bug or experienced unexpected behavior in mindium, we would appreciate that you help us by describing the problem as detailed as possible. Please contact us, with the following information if possible:

  • Can you describe a step by step process to recreate the error?
  • If not, please explain the error as detailed as possible.
  • What browser were you using, and what version? You can find out by selecting ‘about this application’ in the browser menubar.
  • What operating system and version did the bug occur on? For example: Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.8, iOS 7, Android OS 4 .2

Mindium does not work properly on my phone or tablet

Tablet and phone support for mindium is experimental. For example, mindium will not work on iOS for large audio files, and might crash. As this is a limitation with the memory management in some tablets and phones, we are hard at work making dedicated mindium apps for platforms such as iOS and android.

All existing mindium premium subscribers will be able to use our upcoming iOS and android apps with the same login credentials and without having to pay anything extra. Please join our newsletter to be the first to know about our phone and tablet apps, and please consider subscribing to mindium premium if you want to show your support.

I just made an incredible mindium mix ready to be enjoyed by the world!

It’s easy to share your mindium masterpiece. Simply click the ‘share on facebook’ or ‘share on twitter’ buttons, and all your friends and followers will be able to listen. You can even embed your mindium mix on your own website by copying the code within the embed popup. We also encourage you to send us your favourite mindium mixes by copying the web address (URL) and send it to us. Maybe we will feature your mix!

What are brainwaves / binaural beats?

Binaural Beats are auditory processing artifacts that arise in the brain independent of physical stimuli - discovered in 1839 by Henrich Wilhelm Dove.

When your brain tries to process two different tones, one delivered to each ear by headphones or earplugs, it creates a sensation of a rhythmic beat - a kind of auditory illusion.

These beats have been shown to stimulate the brain’s activity associated with states such as relaxation, sleep, focus and energy by a process known as entrainment. The concept is that if one receives a stimulus with a frequency in the range of brain waves, the predominant brain wave frequency will move towards the frequency of the stimulus.Read more: Brainwaves explained

What is the kaleidoscope audio engine?

A problem with traditional meditation recordings and websites is that the meditations are static. They never change, and therefore the listener will get used to the meditations quickly, thereby reducing their effectiveness. By combining several different starts, mid-materials and endings, the kaleidoscope audio engine elegantly solves this problem. You’ll get a slightly different meditation every time you listen.

The kaleidoscope audio engine is the results of years of experimenting and researching optimal meditation structure and form, and we are very proud of it. The engine, combined with the ability to chose your favorite background sounds and/or music, gives you a unique experience every time.

Where are you located?

The mindium team operates out of Oslo, in beautiful Norway.

Who invented mindium?

Mindium is the brainchild of sound engineer, web developer, field recordist and meditation expert Erling Hoff. He has previously worked on the popular phone and tablet applications SleepStream, SleepStream 2 and the new Morning wake up tool. Some of the sounds from these apps are also available in mindium. Every sound, musical piece or meditation in mindium is carefully mastered to perfection by Erling’s mastering company Hoff Mastering. We are certain that our audio material meets the highest possible standard.

Here is an image of Erling recording ‘Trillemarka stream’ in the woods outside of Oslo.

Will you create iOS or Android apps for mindium?

You bet! This is our highest priority now that the mindium web application is live. Receive updates on our progression by joining the mindium newsletter or follow us on facebook or twitter. Please note that you will be able to use the same login credentials for our apps once they are out. That means that our existing mindium premium subscribers can use our upcoming iOS and android apps without having to pay anything extra.

Will you release more material for mindium?

Yes! We have big plans for even more meditations, background sounds, music and brainwave programs, and we’ll constantly be updating our library. Our goal is to be the absolute best and largest library for soothing sounds, inspiring meditations, and beautiful music. We are here for the long run, so please send us suggestions on what material you want mindium to include.

I have embedded a mindum mix on my website or blog. Can I set it up to play automatically when people visit my page?

Yes! Simply add ‘&autoplay=true’ (without the quotes) at the end of the src-tag in the embed code you generated from mindium. The src-tag should end like this for autoplay to work: &utm_source=user-embed&autoplay=true

I have a question not answered by this FAQ

Please contact us, and we will do our best to answer your question as soon as we can.